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18th Century Black Silk Work Picture of a Lancashire Costal Scene


Code: B14770


W: 28cm (11")H: 22cm (8.7")

18th Century Black Silk Work Picture of a Lancashire Costal Scene
A beautifully embroidered picture in monochrome tones, shows a lone figure wandering through a rural landscape. He passes under some trees with a cottage in the background and in the distance over the water the ruins of Piel Castle. The figure, the bark of the trees, the leaves, the cottage and all the other components of the picture show enormous skill with the smallest of details picked out creating an exceptional example of this genre of needlework. In original black and gilt wood frame.
English, circa 1780

On the back of the stretcher written in pencil are the details of the artist and where she stayed 'Miss Evans, Wellington Hotel, Barrow.' Together with directions for the specified frame 'No 320 old English... mount gilt 4/5'.

22cm H, 28cm W (the frame)

Piel Castle, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England.  The ruins of this 14th century castle stands on Piel Island and can be seen from across Morecambe Bay, it was left in ruins after the dissolution of the Furness Abbey under the reign of Henry VIII.

Silk embroidered pictures of this type where typically the work of young ladies who would be taught the art of watercolour painting and embroidery which were considered to be suitable pass times for ladies of a certain social standing. Miss Evans who completed this picture displays an exceptional talent in her work.

Condition: The overall condition of the picture is good given its age. The are some areas of discolouration but these are mainly in the sky area where there is also a slight tear (upper left). The condition of the piece does not detract from the picture and is in keeping with its age.