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Edwin Smith, The Tomb of Fettiplace, Swinbrook, Whittington Press


Code: B12443


W: 24cm (9.4")H: 34cm (13.4")

Edwin Smith
The tomb of Fettiplace, St Mary’s Church, Swinbrook
photographic print
published by Whittington Press, 2005
framed and glazed

This is a pre production print from The Whittington Press who compiled and printed the beautiful ‘A View of the Cotswolds’ in 2005, being a limited edition of 350 copies. As with all book printed by Whittington this was a sumptuous and carefully set volume, reproducing Smiths photographs from the original negatives.

This is an additional print that we had framed in our bookshop to promote the sale of the book on its release, this is the last remaining print.

The photograph depicts the famous Fettiplace tomb in St Mary’s Church in Swinbrook, the family owned lands in 15 counties and they have two of these tombs in the church, this is of the earlier, dating from 1613. You will appreciate the rich contract Smith achieved in her photography, note also the may bug to the top of Fettiplace’s head.