Hatpin cushion silver mounted - by Tiffany & Co

Hatpin cushion silver mounted - by Tiffany & Co

Code: C13460


H: 6cm (2.4")Di: 8.8cm (3.5")


A charming vintage silver mounted hatpin cushion
by Tiffany & Co
The green silk dome sits on a silver circular base and is surmounted by a realistically modelled silver rose on 3 leaves, the base is marked Tiffany & Co Makers, Sterling Silver (typical way of marking silver in America meaning the cushion would have been made by Tiffany in New York). This elegant piece is a real piece of bygone days when a lady would have never left home without a hat which would have been held in place by decorative hatpin. This cushion would have been on a lady’s dressing lady displaying the pins and keeping them out of harms way, both for the pins and for safety from spiking oneself! This example by top jewellers Tiffany and Co is a particularly fine example in excellent condition.