Fine Quality Early 18th Century Ladle, or Dipper Cup

Fine Quality Early 18th Century Ladle, or Dipper Cup

Code: LB14815


L: 32cm (12.6")Di: 4cm (1.6")


Fine quality early 18th century ladle, probably used as the dipper cup with a wassail bowl
The cup formed from a polished coquilla nut with a rounded base, the edge with shaped silver mount, the square section horn handle with barley sugar twist and silver finial, mounted to the cup with heart shaped silver device, the silver is unhallmarked.
English, circa 1700

32cm L, diameter of cup 4cm

Condition: The coquilla nut has wonderful rich colour, the silver is all in good original condition, the handle has some delamination in the handle where it has been twisted, but is totally sound.  This is a ladle of the finest quality and very unusual.

Wassail bowls were made exclusively of lignum vitae the 'tree of life', they were filled with hot alcoholic liquid comprising wine or cider, often with spices, to celebrate ceremonial occasions.  The wassail was either passed around, or larger wassails were placed on the table and a dipper cup, such as this, was used to take your share from the shared wassail bowl.