Victorian Scottish pebble, or agate bracelet

Victorian Scottish pebble, or agate bracelet

Code: C14140


H: 3.5cm (1.4")L: 19cm (7.5")


A very unusual early Victorian Scottish pebble/agate bracelet.
The bracelet has eight lozenge shaped agates in rub over settings with a trefoil of beads above and below and spaced by seven par shaped links. Unusually the links are connected by plaited and knotted hair meaning that the bracelet was probably made as a memorial bracelet but could also have been a keep sake as no other element of the piece point towards memorial. The setting and links are gold plated and one of the links forms the clasp.
Scottish, circa 1840.

Condition: A couple of the agates have some tiny chips which are not noticeable with magnification, some the agates also have tiny gaps in the settings and the is some losses to the gold plate, the hair sections are all in good condition. The overall condition is fair and the piece is stable and wearable.