Teak Campaign Shelves

Teak Campaign Shelves

Code: LB14825


H: 59cm (23.2")W: 81cm (31.9")D: 17cm (6.7")


Teak Campaign Shelves
Campaign furniture was designed to be collapsable and portable for military and travel use, these three tier shelves are supported by brass rods which all unscrew from the finials and feet, the precursor to 'flat-pack' furniture.  When screwed together it forms a sturdy and elegant set of shelves.  This set is designed to stand on its feet, but it could also be hung on the wall with the addition of fish-plates to the back of the top shelf (which we can supply and fit).
British, circa 1880

Condition:  Good rich colour to the teak shelves, the brass supports with green verdigris surface patina, the top shelf has three locating holes in it where it would have originally had a removable up-stand, which is now no longer present.