Richard Ansdell - John Crossley Carpet Mosaic Pictures

Richard Ansdell - John Crossley Carpet Mosaic Pictures

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H: 62.5cm (24.6")W: 54.5cm (21.5")


Richard Ansdell
The Scottish Gamekeeper and The English Gamekeeper

Mosaic picture panel of worsted threads on linen made by carpet makers John Crossleys of Halifax
English, circa 1860

Each 62.5cm H, 54.5cm W. (The frame)

In the Victorian era John Crossley and Sons was the largest carpet manufacturing firm in the world, thanks mainly to their pioneering use and development of steam-powered looms and the fact that all processes from raw materials to finished carpets were carried out on the one site at Dean Clough, Halifax.   Carpet “mosaics,” which were pictures made from coloured, worsted mohair fibers, were a sideline for the English carpet manufacturer, called Crossley Mosaics they only produced between 1850 and 1869.

After paintings by Richard Ansdell (1815-1885) these were first printed as engravings in the 1858 by Henry Graves & Co.  These mosaic panels were created after the engravings and are rare examples of Crossley's mosaics - they have survived as a pair and are presented in their original ogee rosewood frames with a gilt slip.

Condition: They are presented in good overall condition, the colour of the panels is good and both quite uniform, the Scottish keeper has tears to the panel, one of about 15cm across the top left corner and another to the dog in the foreground and the lower left corner, however as they are framed and mounted behind glass the damages are not obvious.  The English keeper has survived very well without any tears - perhaps he had the easier life!