Dwarf Rosewood Chiffonier

Dwarf Rosewood Chiffonier

Code: B14491


W: 80cm (31.5")H: 104cm (40.9")D: 34cm (13.4")


Dwarf rosewood chiffonier
This little chiffonier is of unusually neat proportions, hence our description 'dwarf' making it a very versatile piece of furniture for a modern or traditional setting.  The simple single shelf design with a pair of turned supports, the doors are upholstered in a new red fabric which resembles reversed calf or suede, traditionally these doors were upholstered in pleated silk, but they could be upholstered to meet your interior requirements.  The pair of doors, with working lock and key, open to a single shelf.
English, circa 1830

Condition: The rosewood with warm depth of colour, a single stain to the top surface, otherwise beautifully presented.