'Leg of Mutton' Shotgun Case

'Leg of Mutton' Shotgun Case

Code: LB15095


W: 25cm (9.8")D: 10cm (3.9")L: 80cm (31.5")


'Leg of Mutton' Shotgun Case
The best quality 'Leg of Mutton' shotgun case
These cases are usually just leather but this one has been fleece lined to stop your gun being damaged inside the case, the fleece is so thick that it has been designed with a special strap to remove the barrels from the tight fitting case. Made to fit 28" barrels, shown here with a 12 bore.  Unusually there is also a leather compartment to take gun cleaning kit and leather loops alongside the butt to take two parts of a gun cleaning rod. Brass double lever lock, but without a key.  The Rolls Royce of Leg O Mutton. Numbered #114 inside the hinge flap.
England, circa 1900