Scottish bread bin by Jason Shackleton

Scottish bread bin by Jason Shackleton

Code: C11032


W: 42cm (16.5")H: 36cm (14.2")D: 38cm (15")


A large slipware bread bin
by Jason Shakleton

Glazed in ochre and russet tones depicting crow like birds in flight with a oval cartouche dated 1983 and with Shackleton’s inverted J signature. The lid is form by a circular wooden bread board.
Dated 1983
Stamped underneath with maker’s mark.

Shackelton is a local Dumfriesshire potter, he trained with Bernie Forrester and Colin Kellam at Dartington, Devon. He established his business in Scotland in the 1970’s and produces decorated tin glaze majolica and slipware using a variety of techniques including brush painted tin glaze, slip trailing and sgraffito.

Condition: The pottery section is in excellent condition. The bread board has numerous scratches and marks where it has obviously been used and which rather add to the charm of the piece.